Responsive Email Design
Coding and artwork for over 200 emails.  Fully responsive, targeted email marketing for new home builders in the Atlanta Area.  With over 50% of web access being through mobile devices, it is just as important to have responsive emails as it is to have a responsive website.  Email marketing is still the most cost effective form of marketing, there is a lot that can go into ensuring you are landing in your list's inbox, and not blocked by all the various firewalls, or placed in their spam folder.  There are many email practices that can increase the engagement of your list to gain as much information as possible about the consumers that are interested in your product/services.  With a proper email campaign that is targeted towards leads with similar traits, and through the use of A/B testing, trickle marketing campaigns, list segmentation, subject line best practices, personalized emails, with a clear FOMO or Call to Action you can affordably convert a lead into a customer.
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